The Spartan Method exists to help large organisations create better software at scale and speed…

… and let developers enjoy their work again.

Exclusive to ThunderLabs

ThunderLabs is Australia’s authorised provider of training, consulting and deploying projects using the Spartan Method. 

Our Story

The Spartan Method was developed by Andrew Walker (CTO at ThunderLabs) while he was rescuing projects and setting new speed records for software development with some of the worlds largest companies (Walmart, Sony, BT and EY to name a few). Andrew could see the gap between these companies’ ambitions and the reality of applying Agile as a solution to everything, so set about developing a method that would actually work for large organisations.

The method was put into practice for hundreds of clients at 3WKS, the first software company dedicated to the Spartan Method. 3WKS launched 200 “impossible” software projects in record time and went on to be acquired and listed in 2018 (ASX:TGO), minting 11 millionaires in the process.

Today, the ThunderLabs team are using the Spartan Method to help CIOs, CTOs and CEOs to unlock their organisation’s potential with software projects that actually get done – and done well.

Leadership Team

Andrew Walker

CTO at ThunderLabs and Creator of the Spartan Method

Andrew is the Impatient Futurist, an applied entrepreneur who’s discovered how to be a catalyst for the emerging future, so it can hurry up and get here. As the creator of the Spartan Method, he’s called on to equip teams to tackle ‘impossible’ projects, which he’s done for the likes of Walmart, EY, News Corp, Monash University and IAG.

Andrew is the founder of 3wks, which was acquired and floated on the ASX in 2018, minting 11 millionaires in the process. He is also the co-founder of Mondo Ventures, the world’s first Emergent Organisation and a ventures lab for turning around businesses and launching new ones.

See his work at, writings at or connect on LinkedIn

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